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Тройка самых веселых сортов марихуаны

Тройка самых веселых сортов марихуаны

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This is about the sativa strains, as their high effect is intended to energise, to promote an active pastime - as opposed to the relaxing indica. However, the wide range of choices within a species makes the distinction tangible - a sativa can be both uplifting and psychedelic to the point of being thought-provoking and philosophical. Here are three strains guaranteed to lift your mood, tried and true to the test of thousands of marijuana aficionados.

Santa Sativa

A combination of the powerful AK-47 sativa and the equally well-known White Widow, which has bestowed a sweet, aromatic and lingering euphoric effect. The plant is compact with large resinous buds. Suitable for growing in both outdoors and indoors, but the latter is preferred. Remarkable for its high yield, yielding approximately 900-1,400 grams of dry matter per square metre.

Early Durban

From a cross between the famous Skunk #1 and the equally well known Durban Poison. This combination results in an extraordinarily potent plant with an 18% THC level which gives the plant an attractive aniseed aroma and a great mood-boosting effect. The plants have a traditional sativa structure and do not require much space to grow.


This is a potent, 25% THC, pure sativa with buds the size of medium-sized apples and branches densely covered in crystals. The plant exudes a pleasant citrus aroma, and once tasted will leave a lemon-sweet aftertaste, complemented by a bright sativa-like aftertaste that will last and last. Suitable for indor and outdoors, yielding around 350g dry per square metre.

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18 Января, 2018

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